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"Mere" Christianity?

The idea of “mere Christianity” has gathered a lot of traction in the last decade or so. It’s based on C.S. Lewis’s book by the same title which extolled the virtues of essential Christianity. That which is foundational to the faith – the core in other words – should be that which is emphasized, the thinking goes. Any of that other “stuff” (like theological and practical distinctives and differences) should be de-emphasized or even ignored. All of this, of course, in the name of unity.

I’ve always thought there was something wrong with the “mere” movement. Someone else agrees with me – J. Todd Billings. In an article posted on the Christianity Today website, he writes, “Yet for many, fear of divisiveness has cut them off from the riches of the church’s cloud of witnesses. Rather than providing a path to church unity, avoiding theological distinctives often just leads to superficiality.”


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Super Sunday

What makes (or made) this Sunday (the day almost past here on the west coast) super? Was it the Super Bowl or was it something else? The folks at Sports Spectrum have a good answer. You can find it here.

In my mind, today’s game was special not because both head coaches – Tony Dungie of the Colts and Lovie Smith of the Bears – are African-American, but because both men are committed followers of Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless each of them as they glorify Him in their vocation. All of life should be lived coram Deo (“before the face of God”) – even as a football coach.

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Moving and Settling

We’re moved into our apartment in Vancouver – sort of. Lots of boxes with all sorts of things in them. We can’t seem to find some things, but all of that is part and parcel of the moving experience.

We’re slowly getting settled. We’ve decided that the church we were part of before we moved to Odessa will be our “home base” while we’re here. We’ll also do some visiting in order to “check out” other churches (how they do things; what works and what doesn’t) – something pastors don’t get a chance to do very often.

We have no idea how long we’ll be here, but we know God has plans for us while we are here. We don’t want to look at this time in our lives as a “vacation” of sorts where we can just coast spiritually. A number of people in Odessa told me that I’d taught them to trust God no matter what – because He’s sovereign, He loves us, and He knows what He’s doing. I guess it’s time that I practice what I preach and do the same thing. Not a bad idea!

Before this post comes to its conclusion, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped us move. Every one of you is a gift from God to us. May your tribe increase!

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