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Today is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the greatest revival in church history.  The great truths of the Scriptures were rediscovered and applied to every area of life beginning with the church itself.

Like a dusty artifact in a dark, dank basement, the Reformers found life-changing truth: Scripture alone reveals that we are justified by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone, with all of the glory going to God alone.

Those simple, yet profound truths reformed the church (and changed the world), and are still reforming the church today. Even after five hundred years, the work is far from done. We’ve made a good beginning! May God raise up more Reformers for His glory and our good.

Happy Reformation Day!

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I had the privilege this morning of hearing Pastor Scott Gilchrist of Southwest Bible Church preach on Acts 18:9-26. Here is a summary of his sermon in one sentence: There is no safer place to be than when we are where God wants us to be, doing what He wants us to do.


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Well-Driven Nails


“The words of wise men are like goads, and masters of these collections are like well-driven nails; they are given by one Shepherd.” (Ecclesiastes 12:11)

Delegating Tasks in the Small Church, by Karl Vaters, is full of good advice for the small church. The Pivot, Vaters’ blog, which is at http://www.christianitytoday.com, is consistently good.

Millennials are giving up religion for witchcraft and astrology (two different religions). Market watch has the story here. Why should we be surprised? To paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, when people stop believing in God, hey don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

No, you don’t have a chemical imbalance. That’s what an article in Psychology Today claims. This is a bombshell when it comes to counseling.

A popular word in the church today is “broken.” (“We’re all broken people,” for instance.) Shane Lems answers the question of whether or not we should use it. He says we should use biblical terms to refer to sin, to which I agree.

Alan Shlemon writes, “Abortion of a child with Down Syndrome is unjust discrimination.” You really should read his short piece explaining why this is true.

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This morning, I had the privilege of hearing Pastor Rick Elzinga of Southwest Hills Baptist Church preach on John 16:1-15 (“Preparing for the Coming Opposition – Part 2”). Here is a summary of his sermon in one sentence: During the opposition that is sure to come, the Lord Jesus keeps us from stumbling through truth (His Word) and by the work of His Holy Spirit.

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I had the privilege this morning of listening Dr. Keith Palmer, a guest speaker at Southwest Hills Baptist Church, preach on Psalm 43 (“Quieting the Disquieted Soul”). Here is a summary of his sermon in one sentence: Peace doesn’t come when our circumstances change, but rather when we see Jesus as our exceeding joy.

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This is an excellent video from Ligonier Ministries briefly explaining the Reformation. October 31st is the 500th anniversary of the official beginning of the Reformation, and we would do well to remember our family history. By the way, a transcript is provided.


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I had the privilege this morning of hearing Pastor Keith Thomas of Bridge City Fellowship preach on Matthew 25:14-30. Here is a summary of his sermon in one sentence: God’s infinite generosity should motivate us to make the most of every talent, ability, and opportunity He gives us.

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This morning, I had the privilege of listening to Pastor Mark Campbell of Laurel Community Church preach on Genesis 29:1-35. Here is a summary of his sermon in one sentence: God uses us, in spite of our sin, to accomplish His purposes in our lives and in the world.

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