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If you’ve read, or even heard of, Frank Schaeffer’s book Crazy for God, you’re aware that the son of Francis and Edith Schaeffer’s son (Frank, that is) has written a quite unflattering portrait of his parents and their ministry. Francis and Edith are fallen human beings like the rest of us, and certainly growing up with them would provide plenty of illustrations of sinful behavior just like it would with the rest of us.

Os Guinness spent a lot of time with the Schaeffers, including Frank, at L’Abri. He’s written a review of Crazy for God that can only be described as fantastic. You can read it here. Guinness is convinced that Frank has been unfair, unkind, and self-serving in his book and wanted to provide a response. If that was his goal, he achieved it spectacularly well. There’s nothing wrong with telling stories about people “warts and all” (the Bible does it), but there comes a point where going any further is simply cruel. Frank didn’t just step over that line, he broadjumped it according to Guinness.

Please read this, especially if you were shaped by the ministry of Francis Schaeffer. I was, and I don’t regret the fifteen minutes or so it took to read the review.


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