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The title describes the purpose of this short book: Why Christian Kids Need A Christian Education. Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and one of the founding fathers of the Classical Christian Education movement, makes his case in 71 pages.

Wilson doesn’t get to his point right away, but spends much of his time (and ink) laying the groundwork. He does this by dealing with issues that need to be understood and embraced before the question can be answered. A few of these are knowing what a Christian worldview is and what it isn’t, the nature of education, and what everyone knows – Christian or not.

Wilson pleads for Christian parents to consider the disastrous results of government education and do something about it. Hopefully this book will help you do that.

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The Winner Is... card isolated on white background

In the Quote of the Year competition, we have a winner!

The Bible is authoritative on everything of which it speaks. Moreover, it speaks of everything.

Cornelius Van Til

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This morning, I had the privilege of preaching on Genesis 1:1, 26-31. I began a short (hopefully) topical series on the topic of God’s Design for Gender and Sexuality. Here is a summary of my sermon in one sentence: God created you (and everything else) in His image, for Himself, and with a purpose.

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5 Good Podcasts


The last decade or so has seen an explosion of podcasts. They may number in the tens of thousands, but I’m not certain. There are many, many good ones that would be worth our time. The antithesis is also true – there are many, many that are clearly not worth any of our time.

Here are five good podcasts. Undoubtedly there are more, but I’ll limit it to five (all of which I listen to regularly). Radio or television broadcasts aren’t included.

  1. The Dividing Line with James White. White is an elder at a Reformed Baptist Church in Arizona, debater, apologist, and author. White knows his stuff. There’s also a video of the podcast available. Podcasts are usually one hour long, and sometimes longer.
  2. The Briefing with Albert Mohler. Well-known Southern Baptist leader Mohler comments on the news from a biblical worldview. It’s well-done and thought-provoking. Podcasts are usually about 20 minutes in length.
  3. Apologia Radio with Jeff Durbin and friends. Durbin pastors Apologia Church in Tempe, Arizona. He has an interesting background, but don’t let that get in the way of what he’s saying. His commitment to Christ is contagious. Podcasts are usually one hour and fifteen minutes long.
  4. The Worldview in 5 Minutes. A roundup of the day’s news written by Pastor Kevin Swanson and presented by Adam McManus. The length of the podcast is five minutes, which should be obvious.
  5. 5 Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols. Nichols, the President of Reformation Bible College, presents a brief look at the people, places, and events that God has used to shape the church and history.

Take a listen to each of these podcasts!

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Popular author Jen Hatmaker is, and has been, on a trajectory toward unbelief and apostasy for some time. Her interview with Religion News Service has brought it out into the open for everyone to see. You can read it here. I’m not judging what’s in her heart, but in her statements and beliefs, she’s left orthodox, biblical Christianity.

Denny Burk has a well-thought out response here.

As a result, Lifeway announced that Hatmaker’s publications can be no longer be purchased in their stores or online. Baptist Press has the story here. Lifeway published several of Hatmaker’s books and resources.

The trajectory of unbelief is not hard to spot in most cases. It usually begins with a rejection (either a “soft” rejection or a “hard” rejection) of the authority of God’s Word, the Bible. After that, doctrines clearly taught in Scripture and held by the church for two millennia begin  to fall like so many dominoes. When emotions and feelings (which characterize our times) are added to the recipe, the movement of the trajectory goes to warp speed.

Pray for Jen. Pray for yourself and your church and the church in general. May our trajectory be one of faithfulness and belief.

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The God Who Is There, by Francis Scaheffer, is a classic. Written in the late 1960’s, its relevancy today cannot be denied. Schaeffer had the uncanny ability to see and understand the spiritual and intellectual climate of the last half of the twentieth century. Schaeffer’s ministry, and this book, ignited a generation of Christian thinkers and apologists.

Yes, the book is that good, and yes, it’s that foundational. Historic orthodox Christianity has something to say to this culture, just like it had something to say when this book was written. In fact, it is the only solution to the problems we face. Schaeffer was interested in the logical conclusions of a person’s worldview, a presentation of truth that always takes into account the dignity and depravity of man, a commitment to remain faithful to biblical orthodoxy, and the necessity of both truth and love as we speak and as we live. All of that, and more can be found in this book.

I highly recommend The God Who Is There. It will help you understand our time (both then and now). It even has a glossary, which is helpful.

Tolle lege!

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Sinclair Ferguson said, “If someone put us in a room with no distractions and said, ‘I just want you to sit there and think about the Lord Jesus for 5 minutes’…many evangelicals in the Western world would find that an enormous trial. Because we don’t know 5 minutes worth of the Lord Jesus.” Sadly, I think he’s right.

One of the best podcasts I can recommend is The Briefing with Al Mohler. Around 20 minutes of commentary on current events from a biblical worldview. You can find it at http://www.almohler.com…”A room without books is like a body without a soul” (G.K. Chesterton).

There should be a sympathy card that has the following words on the outside: “I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t know what to say.” On the inside it should be blank (Job 2:13). That would be infinitely better than the sentimental pablum which fills most cards…”Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Ps. 116:15).

No one who supports same-sex marriage has an answer to why marriage should be limited to gender alone. For example, why should the number of people matter if gender doesn’t? There’s no reason it should if their own logic is considered: the only thing that matters is who you love. So why should it be limited to age? Or species? Or within a biological family? According to the “Love Wins” logic, there shouldn’t any limitation. The secular left won’t have any way to stop any of these – in particular, Muslims who support polygamy.

Cheers to Robert Zimmer, who is President of the University of Chicago! He sent a letter to incoming freshmen announcing that no “safe spaces” are to be found on campus. “Members of our community are encouraged to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn without the fear of censorship. You will find that we expect members of our community to be engaged in rigorous debate, discussion, and even disagreement. At times this may challenge you and even cause discomfort,” he wrote. Well done, President Zimmer!

Congratulations to the Hillsboro Hops for making the Northwest League playoffs for the third year in a row! The back-to-back champs are threatening a three-peat…The God Who is There, written by Francis Schaeffer in the late 1960’s, continues to be relevant and prophetic…RIP Gene Wilder. Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies of all time, and Blazing Saddles is close…Take heart, the Lord Jesus Christ is conquering and putting all enemies under His feet (1 Cor. 15:20-28)!

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